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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

I figured it out-

If you've visited Wasted Electrons anytime before January 2013, you have no doubt noticed the change in appearance here. When I started searching for a new design, I chose the one you are seeing now. You might have wondered about this rather dark template. Hell, I wondered about it myself but implemented it anyway.

Today I've figured out why this design appealed to me- it looks like the colors of a Modern Sporting Rifle, an Evil Black Rifle if you prefer that moniker. Just today I've also seen these fully legal, semi-automatic rifles called patrol rifles and Defense Utility Rifles and Regime Change Rifles. I don't own one of the AR15 rifles- sadly and now, because there aren't any to buy, I want one. I'm pretty certain the reason I chose this color design is because it looks like these rifles.

I'm pretty fed up, pissed off really, at all the news stories coming over the electronic transom here about how terrible these rifles are- how they have no practical sporting purpose, that only law enforcement persons should be allowed to use them, how nobody needs a 30 round magazine to go hunting, etc, etc. It's all bull shit and everybody knows it, those that favor the guns for whatever reason and those that would take them away from those that own them. But the opponents hide their knowledge and hate them because they are black or military looking and that's all they need to identify, scarify and legislate against them.

Let's face it, the AR15 is a 50 year old design. Our military has used the full auto version since the 60s. Your bolt action deer hunting rifle most likely was a military design before being picked up for it's ruggedness and reliability and accuracy by civilian gun manufacturers. Those old Mausers and Springfields that served so well in multiple world wars are still being used and their designs implemented in common deer rifles throughout North America. So, its just a design. Adjust.

If you don't believe this, wait. If the gun banners gain a foothold against the AR15, the next thing they will come for are bolt action, scoped deer rifles. After all, doesn't that description match the description of a sniper rifle? And we couldn't possibly allow those in civilian hands no could we?

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